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Taking Ring on the Road with the Roadshow


The Challenge:

Originally known purely as a video doorbell brand, Ring has expanded its range of products and services to now feature smart options for smart home security. We work closely alongside the Ring Professional Programme team, who specialise in finding innovative ways to inspire the professional installer, wholesaler and electrician community. 

Ring approached Beacon for event marketing support with the three-pronged goal of engaging with current members, in addition to incentivising new member sign-ups, and supporting their wholesalers by increasing brand awareness and providing training for their full product range.

With the world adjusting to a new post-pandemic normal, businesses are bursting to get back on the road. However, as the Covid-19 pandemic has made consumers increasingly accustomed to attending events remotely, businesses now need to be selective about which events they attend and how they present themselves. The right tactics are needed to attract and retain the attention of their target audience.


The Solution:

Beacon proposed an experiential marketing campaign that would allow Ring BA’s and the Ring Sales team to set up a comprehensive pop-up event outside selected CEF and Rexel branches providing training not only to installers visiting the branch but also the staff within the stores. 

The Ring Pro Roadshow was a series of in-person experiential marketing events designed and delivered by the Beacon team on behalf of Ring Professional Programme. This included sending Beacon’s team across the UK to engage with trade professionals already engaged with Ring Professional Programme, as well as sign up potential new members in the industry. 

To incentivise sign-ups using gamification marketing, Beacon designed an engaging and fun-filled game that challenged installers to be the quickest tradesperson to install a Ring product and commissioned a ‘Top Gear’ style leaderboard – complete with an attention-grabbing 'winners bell' that rang out when somebody topped it.

From the campaign concepts to the logistics, Beacon’s team delivered a suite of creative assets, including everything from individualised social media content creation for the various wholesale stores involved, to coordinating the design of a customised stand to showcase Ring’s products, to a branded van, gazebos, lecterns, and a host of print material to support the event marketing campaign. 

From a digital perspective, the Beacon team ensured footfall to the stand by collaborating with event organisers and spearheading promotion via platforms such as social media and email newsletters.



We also handled the logistics of the event, procuring and negotiating event locations, facilitating all required health and safety requirements, and recruiting a quality set-build partner to construct a customised stand to showcase Ring's products. This was paramount to inspire tradespeople to engage with Ring staff. 

Managing the full-service solution, we identified the top-performing event series run by media partners representing Ring’s target audience, before negotiating the ideal location on the floor and facilitating all required health and safety requirements. We selected various event types, such as the Elex Show event series, which moves across the country, allowing Ring to travel to their target audience in the local area where their business operates. 

We also worked directly with all the branches selected to keep them informed, prepped and provided them with marketing materials to promote the event coming to their branches. 

The experiential marketing campaign was a resounding success, with Beacon’s popular gamification experience and competition directly responsible for many new sign-ups to the Ring Professional Programme.  


The Outcome: 

  • 19 wholesale branches visited in 4 weeks

  • Sign-ups increased by 195% during Ring events

  • Sign-ups to the programme increased by three times on average during the weeks that Ring attended events.