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Overflow marketing collateral creation support for Natuzzi

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The challenge

Milan-based, luxury furniture and interior design company, Natuzzi, approached Beacon to help reduce the stress on their internal creative team during peak times. With an international presence spanning Europe and beyond, Natuzzi’s two brands – high-end Natuzzi Italia and more affordable Natuzzi Editions – both needed support with the creation of marketing collateral. 

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The solution

Beacon stepped in to provide overflow support, when campaigns called for high-quality collateral at a quick turnaround. 

Over a number of years, we leveraged our cultural and customer behaviour insight to provide a range of high-value deliverables to tight deadlines, launched across West and South Europe, including the UK, Spain, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy. 

For ad-hoc content, our team provided both creative and copy support to deliver a wide variety of bespoke collateral. From captivating magazine ads to eye-catching flyers and billboard designs, from sleek brochures and compelling direct emails to engaging website content. For ongoing promotions, we created POS and in-store deliverables such as hang tags, window decals, table displays, and A4 and A3 posters, in addition to designing direct emails and project-managing paid social media campaigns to help drive in-store traffic.

To ensure the content resonated with diverse audiences, we also translated our range of ad-hoc and promotional assets from English into French, Spanish, and German, with occasional work in Dutch and Flemish.

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The Outcome:

  • Beacon’s unwavering support helped Natuzzi reduce the stress on their internal creative team, allowing them to focus on core initiatives.

  • We offered invaluable first-hand insight into the preferences and behaviours of Natuzzi’s UK audience, informing targeted strategies.

  • Our European-based POS and in-store content played a pivotal role in driving awareness and encouraging in-store visits.

  • Digital campaigns on Facebook and Instagram helped to increase foot traffic to stores in UK regions.

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