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Natuzzi Editions - April Sales Canvas Video Project

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Natuzzi, the epitome of Italian luxury in home and interior design brands, sought to captivate the US market with a mesmerising video experience.

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The Challenge

Though Natuzzi already had video content available from its franchise stores spanning across Europe, none had yet been produced of its UK-based stores. So, in the first of our collaborative projects, Natuzzi approached Beacon with a brief.

Natuzzi wanted a question and answer-style brand video, specifically targeted at US stakeholders looking to open franchise Natuzzi Editions stores across the pond. It needed to be created quickly, without compromising on quality.

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The Solution

With honed expertise as a video content agency (among many other skills and services), in just a week, Beacon brought Natuzzi’s vision to life. Our strategy team eagerly sprang to work, concepting and formulating a plan of action.

No stone was left unturned, and we carefully managed every step of the video content process, from brief creation and shot list to location scout, booking a videographer, scriptwriting and post-production.

Settling on the perfect store location was crucial for the campaign’s success, as we not only wanted to showcase the full spectrum of Natuzzi Editions’ range of products, but also sought a store manager who was comfortable and confident being in front of the camera.

The Beacon team guaranteed a professional and smooth-running production by personally attending the filming session on-site. This ensured all recorded content fulfilled the brief and met the client’s objectives and goals, while always strictly adhering to brand guidelines.

Despite a very tight deadline, all video content was delivered on time and within budget a testament to Beacon’s agility and commitment to excellence. We realise the significance of professionally filmed brand videos in showcasing your products, services or company in a visually captivating way. These videos play a pivotal role in enhancing brand awareness, bolstering credibility, and attracting new customers. Their versatility – allowing them to be seamlessly integrated across various platforms, including social media, websites and industry-specific events – only further emphasises the value of video content marketing, as a must-have marketing asset.

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The Outcome

  • Production of one Q&A style video, including B-roll of the store in the background.

  • Interviews conducted with all managers of a franchise store in the UK.

  • Video successfully leveraged at a US event to showcase the benefits of the brand

  • incentivise people to open Natuzzi franchise stores in the US.

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From brief to delivery of final concept, we quickly turned around a piece of excellent video content that adhered to brand guidelines and went above and beyond expectation in just one week.

Pull quote

All recorded content fulfilled the brief and met the client’s objectives and goals, while always strictly adhering to brand guidelines.