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It’s all about the buzz! Lightwave Social Media



Innovative smart home company, Lightwave, delivers smart solutions for the modern home.

The consumer side of their company is focused on the needs of tech enthusiasts, interior designers and home renovators.

The challenge

Previously only appealing to a segment of its target market, Lightwave wanted to pivot its marketing strategy to expand its audience base and increase its positive social media presence. Aware of Beacon’s specialism in the smart home and connected living industry, Lightwave reached out.


The solution

Beacon was tasked with enhancing Lightwave's social media presence and strengthening its brand identity.

After careful and thoughtful audience research, we proposed a selection of exciting ideas of how to leverage our social media content creation services to move Lightwave’s brand towards affordable luxury.

A series of elegant lifestyle imagery was expertly created to appeal to a broader audience. In addition, a strong emphasis was placed on creating engaging and consistent content on their website, inviting readers to imagine how installing Lightwave products could easily enhance their day-to-day lives. This was then promoted widely on multiple social media platforms.

Beacon’s clever social media content strategy led to three big wins for Lightwave. Firstly, the delectable imagery and compelling content generated a surge in positive social media engagement. Users were not only liking and sharing Lightwave's posts but also actively participating in lively discussions, amplifying the brand's reach and visibility.

Secondly, offering valuable insights and practical tips on integrating smart home solutions into everyday life yielded a promising boost in terms of organic traffic. Lightwave's website has become a go-to resource for people seeking inspiration and guidance in smart home automation.

Lastly, focused social media content creation services created a substantial increase in

followers across platforms. By consistently delivering content that resonated with the target audience's aspirations for affordable luxury and convenience, we helped Lightwave not only expand its reach, but cultivate a loyal online community.

Lightwave’s collaboration with Beacon not only elevated the brand’s social media presence but also positioned Lightwave as a frontrunner in the smart home industry, capturing the attention and admiration of tech enthusiasts, interior designers, and home renovators alike.


The Outcome

  • Boost in positive social media engagement

  • Improved organic traffic to the website

  • Increase in followers to their social media accounts



Pull quote

With Beacon's strategic approach, Lightwave experienced significant improvements across various fronts.