Our work

Enhancing performance, brand and organic for Lightwave’s new website


The challenge

Luxury smart home switches and sockets manufacturer, Lightwave, wanted to improve its website, the central shop front for its overall brand and digital marketing strategy. 

Lightwave desired a clean, contemporary website, using aspirational lifestyle product imagery and interactive page elements. The overall feel had to match the shift to affordable luxury that had become the center of its strengthened brand identity.

Its objectives were to improve the performance of their Paid Google Ads and the user experience on their website, to encourage more sales and pivot the brand into a more luxury audience. The website design also needed to be easier for their team to use and maintain through the back-end CMS.


The Solution

Beacon worked closely with Lightwave to create a refreshed, fully optimised and customer-friendly version of their site. 

We carried out a full technical review of the current platform being used and spoke to multiple departments within Lightwave to find out how they interacted with the website. This allowed us to create a few extra functionality requests, which enabled Lightwave to reduce their software subscriptions tied to the website and save more money annually than the total cost of the web design project. It also allowed them to maintain the website through just one login and keep the speed of the website higher for longer. 

The website design project underwent several rigorous UX and UI phases, including concept development, SEO content audit, site map creation, a new copy matrix, construction of a wireframe, site optimisation and extensive pre and post-launch testing. Beacon fine-tuned every element to perfection.

The website design and launch were huge successes, thanks to a combination of well-planned social media content creation, email strategy and Google ads strategy that helped us navigate the initial drop in organic traffic that can easily be suffered after a deployment.



  • Consumers voted with their wallets as the engaging and easy-to-navigate site led to a marked increase in sales.

  • Boosted click-through rate on the website and reduced bounce rate. 

  • Creating a design process that goes further saved the smart home client £10k annually more than the project cost, effectively paying for itself.

  • Improved technical performance of the website led to a surge in organic traffic and dropped the cost of paid Google ad campaigns.

  • The revamped web design better reflected their refined brand positioning, resonating with their target audience.




“We’re absolutely blown away by the work you’ve done. We’ve seen a marked improvement in the website’s performance, it looks fantastic and you’ve saved us money in the process. Thank you, Beacon.”

Greig Silvester - Head of Marketing - Lightwave