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Bringing Amazon Key for Business to the UK

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The challenge

As the nation’s online shopping baskets filled up during months spent in lockdown, so too did our doormats. For residents of apartment blocks and shared buildings, this highlighted an ongoing issue: who receives packages if buildings have a shared front door and no welcome desk or service access? 

And what can landlords do to make life easier for tenants, so they don’t have to worry about packages being lost, stolen, damaged or undelivered? Amazon’s solution to this challenge? Amazon Key for Business. And it was Beacon’s job to help Amazon illuminate the benefits of this solution to the UK market.

This smart device is installed into a building’s call box or control room. Verified drivers request access through the Amazon delivery app, which confirms their ID, route, location and time of request. Then, access is granted inside to deliver Amazon packages to a resident’s preferred location if they’re not at home, ready to collect at their convenience. 

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The solution

The UK is a new market for Amazon Key, and we have been working with Amazon since early 2022 to support its implementation.

Our key objective has been to increase brand awareness among landlords, building managers and resident associations to convert them to sales. Through targeted media placements, paid social media ads, direct email marketing and content creation of promotional assets, we have provided a streamlined digital journey that takes a potential user directly to a lead generation form on Amazon.com

We also developed an engagement project with residents, creating marketing collateral featuring concepts derived from existing explanatory materials. We also worked with Amazon to deliver a new Tone of Voice guide for this new audience group, to celebrate the arrival of this game-changing smart home device. 

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The Outcome

  • Our digital content marketing strategy and campaign increased brand awareness by exceeding ‘reach’ and ‘traffic’ targets in both the first (+2636%) and second (5486%) phases.

  • Our installer campaign increased traffic to the landing page by exceeding ‘impressions’ and ‘traffic’ targets in both the first (134%) and second (545%) phases.



“See, this is why I love working with Beacon’s content creation team - you just get it.”

Annemieke Kleij - Head of Marketing EU, Amazon Key.