Our work

Bespoke Point of Sale Design and Creation for Luxury Lightwave Product Line

The challenge

When Lightwave, luxury smart switch and socket manufacturer, secured a prime spot in the bricks-and-mortar store of a premium lighting retailer, they knew they needed a bespoke Point of Sale (POS) design created to introduce their new product range.

Their objective was to heighten their existing branding and champion the interconnectivity of their smart home product range. They needed to demonstrate the devices’ ability to work together as a unified system, for the luxury-shopper audience of the retailer’s customer demographic.

The Solution

Armed with only a hand-drawn idea, Lightwave came to Beacon for support, and we turned their vision into reality. They wanted to build on the work we had done to pivot their online website branding for a newly expanded audience, to include the luxury market. From concept to creation, the Beacon team ensured every detail reflected luxury and sophistication.

We had certain considerations we felt were imperative for the project’s success to bring their product offering to life in an engaging but practical way, including installation of the POS, future-proofing its multifunctionality, and its level of interactivity. 

Lightwave ultimately wanted to give consumers a complete overview of their product line and their interoperability. So, we developed a concept that shows this unified system via one ‘magic button’. To future-proof the POS design, we included space for marketing collateral and preview of upcoming products that could be changed seasonally in line with new digital marketing campaigns. 

In addition to highlighting the interconnectivity of Lightwave’s catalogue, the final design enhanced consumer convenience by including an area for social links, as well as a space to display any compatible smart-tech apps like Google Home and Alexa.

The Outcome

  • Swift turnaround of deliverables, enabling POS design to be installed as soon as possible.

  • Increased longevity of wall display with additional features.

  • Marked increase in sales compared to previous standard FSDU.

  • Increased brand awareness as a luxury product within a luxury showroom.


“The Point of Sale display looked absolutely fantastic, Great work from Beacon, as always.”

Greig Silvester - Lightwave’s Head of Marketing