Jess Hadleigh

From Jess Hadleigh
(MD / Co-Founder)

Beacon is a marketing agency with a difference. An agency with a dedication to diversity, flexibility, agility, and above all, telling stories. I truly believe that marketing is best when it's delivered by passionate, brilliant people, no matter what their background, and that the most effective way to market anything, is to tell its story.

I met my co-founder Thomas through our local theatre, where we worked (and still work!) on productions together. A place where we're tasked with creating stories on stage. Where you have to work with the confines of a stage, lighting, sound, costume, and performers to create homes, families, battlefields, shops, cafes, and whole worlds, all while taking your audience through the narrative. We realised that marketing is just another form of storytelling. And so Beacon was born. We look forward to working with you!

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