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Experiential marketing

From the Latin word ‘experiri’, which means, to try, the word experience stems from the idea of gaining knowledge through observation. We might not speak Latin anymore, but live events give your audience a chance to get hands-on with your brand, ask questions, and see the magic with their own eyes.

We’ll work with you from concept to execution, to deliver in-person and virtual experiential campaigns that bring your home brand to life and spark your audience’s curiosity.

Immersive digital and gamified experiences that leverage AR and VR create a virtual space for exploration. Meanwhile, hyper-targeted influencer marketing and user-generated content adds an authentic, human touch.  

Create a lasting impression, invoke an emotional reaction, and convert – the holy trinity of experiential marketing. Whether it's a roadshow, a digital event, or an online gamified experience, count on us to make it unforgettable.

What's included

  • Brand awareness campaigns

  • Product and service launches

  • Influencer relations and brand ambassadors

  • Live and pre-recorded digital events

  • Panel and roundtable conferences

  • Roadshows

  • Event gamification

  • VR/AR projects

  • Online gamified experiences for lead capture