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Pro Installer Programmes

Unlike your average digital marketing agency, Beacon is a pro at Pro Installer Programmes. We understand the pivotal role that partnering with pro installers plays in elevating visibility and reach, gaining valuable insights into audiences, delivering a superior product experience, and making a market splash with impactful product launches.

That's why we offer a unique approach, tailored strategies, and dedicated support to smart home brands, to meet your specific needs and goals. Just ask Ring. We helped their team to craft and create its partner program with Tepio, expanding Ring’s reach and strengthening its presence in the market.

Establishing a vibrant Pro Installation Community gives your brand access to a dedicated network of experts committed to upholding your reputation. It’s a win-win – not only ensuring your smart home devices are installed correctly but enhancing brand visibility and customer satisfaction too. 

We’ll also work closely with you to craft bespoke marketing collateral and ensure that messaging and values are perfectly aligned. It creates a cohesive brand experience that’ll drive loyalty, help you stand out from the competition, and leave a lasting impression on customers.

What's included

  • Smart home technology new product launches

  • Pro installer community strategy and setup

  • Pro Installer Brand Awareness Campaigns

  • Day-to-day strategic account management

  • Marketing collateral design and distribution

  • Pro Installer Media and Influencer Campaign

  • Pro Installer Events and Activations