June 4th, 2024

Dream Brief- "Grind Green" Campaign for Verde Cafe (A Fictional Brand)

Struggling to make your home brand stand out in a crowded market? Discover how we use "Dream Briefs" to spark creative marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience and make an impact with your brand.

Have you ever dreamt of a world where brainstorming sessions spark revolutionary ideas? Where creative roadblocks become mere stepping stones? In the realm of marketing, where capturing attention and igniting engagement are constant battles, fostering an environment that breeds innovation is everything.

Here at our agency, we've taken advantage of this concept through "Dream Briefs." These briefs are springboards for our creative team. Propelling them into fictitious projects for invented brands for popular products we engage with every day.

Today, we're brewing a cup of inspiration and taking a deep dive into the "Grind Green" campaign. We crafted a eco-conscious coffee giant, Verde Cafe to set the brief. In the process created a brand look and feel to support our work.

Understanding the Grounds: The Sustainability Conundrum

Verde Cafe, a fictional brand synonymous with quality coffee experiences, faced a brewing challenge – the environmental impact of their single-serve coffee pods.

There was a clear mission: to reassert their commitment to sustainability and forge a deeper connection with a new generation of environmentally conscious consumers. This wasn't just about highlighting eco-friendly practices; it was about igniting a movement, a collective effort towards a greener future.

From Bean to Blueprint: Cultivating the Campaign's Objectives

Our team huddled around the metaphorical coffee table, brewing ideas that blossomed into a multi-layered approach. The "Grind Green" campaign aimed to achieve four key objectives:

  • Education & Engagement: We envisioned a campaign that would demystify Verde Cafe's sustainability efforts. Educating coffee lovers about their recycling initiatives, eco-friendly production processes, and innovative pod technology was paramount.

  • Brand Image as a Badge of Honour: Verde Cafe didn't want to be just another coffee brand; they were pioneers in sustainable practices. Highlighting their commitment to environmental responsibility would solidify their position as a leader in the luxury coffee market. A brand that consumers could proudly align themselves with.

  • Actionable Advocacy: Knowledge without action is like a cup of coffee without a sip – satisfying, but incomplete. Encouraging customer participation in pod recycling was a major focus. We wanted to make the process seamless and rewarding, transforming customers into active participants in Verde Cafe's sustainability journey.

  • Community Connection: Coffee isn't just a beverage; it's a connection that stretches across the globe. Highlighting Verde Cafe's contributions to coffee-growing communities, with a focus on sustainable farming practices and community support programs, would add another dimension to the campaign, fostering a sense of global responsibility.

Planting the Seeds: The Birth of "Grind Green"

From these objectives, the "Grind Green" campaign sprouted. The core concept revolved around rewarding customers for their recycling efforts, transforming them from passive consumers into active sustainability champions.

Branching Out: A Multi-Channel Marketing Orchard

Our creative roots took hold and flourished across several key channels:

  • A Cinematic Experience in 30 Seconds:

We envisioned a compelling 30-second video as the campaign's centrepiece. This short, impactful video would act as an educational and inspirational tool.

Imagine visually captivating scenes showcasing the positive impact of recycling on coffee-growing communities. The now-familiar "Grind green & recycle the bean!" slogan would be woven into the narrative, along with the Verde Cafe brand.

The video would conclude with a call to action, encouraging viewers to share their recycling efforts online for additional rewards. This social media integration would not only spread awareness but also create a sense of community and shared purpose.

  • A Seed of Awareness: The Delivery Flyer

Imagine a small, one-page flyer tucked inside every Verde Cafe pod order.

Our design would be informative and engaging, packed with visuals and clear messaging that would entice customers to join the "Grind Green" movement. Explaining the "Recycle Rewards" program and how to participate would be key.

The flyer would also serve as a roadmap, directing customers towards the online challenge – a virtual hub where the magic of community and shared action unfolds.

View the finished Flyer here

  • Wearing Your Sustainability Proudly: The T-Shirt

What better way to spread awareness than with a touch of flair? We envisioned a t-shirt design featuring a fun, eye-catching graphic.

This wouldn't be just any graphic; it would be a symbol of environmental consciousness. Imagine the "Grind green & recycle the bean!" slogan emblazoned across the chest, a constant reminder of the wearer's commitment to a greener future.

This wouldn't just be a t-shirt; it would be a reward for customers who actively participated in the "Grind Green" campaign.


Our Creative project lead Tineshia John said this of the project:

"Bringing the branding of Verdecafe to life was a breath of decadent coffee scented air. It served as a chance to really take the reigns, and combine my multicultural influences with our ecological purpose to create a visually fresh and stunning brand."


The "Grind Green" campaign is a testament to the power of creative exploration. By stepping outside the confines of traditional client work, we were able to explore new ideas, test creative boundaries, and develop a campaign that is both impactful and engaging.

Imagine this kind of innovative thinking propelling your brand forward. We specialize in crafting dream campaigns that not only resonate with your target audience but also solidify your brand's position as a leader in sustainability.

Are you ready to brew something special? We'd love to chat about your brand and how we can help you cultivate a "Dream Brief" that blossoms into a reality that exceeds expectations. Contact us today and let's get started!