July 24th, 2023

Building trust in the 'connected living' era

We delve into various strategies and approaches that smart home product manufacturers can adopt to build trust with their audience. From showcasing the human element behind the products to leveraging social proof and fostering community engagement, we will explore how these tactics can enhance brand credibility and establish long-lasting relationships with customers.

In today's interconnected world, where smart devices seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, building trust has become a paramount concern for smart home product manufacturers. As consumers become increasingly discerning about the products they bring into their homes, it is essential for companies to go beyond product-focused communication and cultivate an atmosphere of trust and reliability. 

How to make your brand or brand more human

Let customers visualise the team behind the product

When it comes to building trust, it is crucial to establish a personal connection with your audience. Customers want to see the faces behind the brand, and the team responsible for creating the product they are considering. By including visuals that showcase the real people behind the scenes, along with customers using the product in authentic settings, you humanise your brand. This approach not only helps consumers feel understood but also fosters trust, as they perceive your brand as relatable and trustworthy.

Showcase real homes and real people

To deepen the sense of understanding and relatability, consider creating videos that feature real homes with real people and circumstances. By capturing genuine moments that resonate with your target audience, you show that you comprehend their needs and can genuinely empathise with their situations. Authentic videos go a long way in building trust, as they demonstrate that your brand is not just about selling products but genuinely making a positive impact on people's lives.

Foster a strong customer advocacy program

A robust customer advocacy program can significantly contribute to building trust and strengthening brand loyalty. By making it easy for existing customers to share their positive experiences and cool use cases, you harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Incentivise customers to recommend your products, encourage them to share their testimonials and provide platforms for them to showcase how your products have improved their lives. By actively engaging and acknowledging their advocacy, you convey that you genuinely care about their satisfaction and value their input.

Cultivate a community

Social media platforms provide an excellent opportunity to cultivate a community around your smart home products. Instead of treating it as a one-way communication channel, actively engage with your audience and listen to their suggestions and feedback. Implementing their ideas visibly and transparently demonstrates your commitment to your customers and builds trust. By involving your audience in shaping your products and services, you create a sense of ownership and strengthen the bond between your brand and its customers.

Showcase positive experiences

Social proof is a powerful tool for building trust. Customers often rely on the experiences of others to make informed purchase decisions. Utilise customer testimonials, reviews, and ratings to showcase the positive experiences that previous customers have had with your smart home products. Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews on popular platforms and share these reviews across your website and social media channels. By leveraging social proof, you provide tangible evidence of the value and reliability of your products, instilling confidence in potential customers.

Backing your product with confidence

In the competitive smart home market, offering a satisfaction guarantee can go a long way in building trust. By providing a no-questions-asked return policy or a money-back guarantee, you remove any barriers or concerns that customers may have about purchasing your product. This approach shows that you stand behind your product and are willing to take responsibility for any issues or concerns that may arise. By offering such assurances, you instil confidence in your customers and eliminate the fear of making a wrong decision. 

At a glance

Building trust in the connected living era requires a comprehensive approach that encompasses both product-focused and customer-centric strategies. By humanising your brand, utilising real-life videos, fostering customer advocacy, cultivating a community, leveraging social proof, and offering satisfaction guarantees, you establish a solid foundation of trust and credibility for your smart home products. Remember, trust takes time to build, but with a dedicated commitment to your customers and the implementation of these trust-building techniques, you can forge strong and lasting relationships, ensuring your products become synonymous with trust and reliability in the market.