SH&BA: Overcoming the Barriers to the Smart Home

Client: Smart Homes & Buildings’ Association
Project: How to Overcome Barriers to the Adoption of the Smart Home
Year: 2018

Following a call for entries, Beacon created a video to look at how the Smart Home industry could overcome barriers to the mass adoption of the smart home. SH&BA selected Beacon’s entry as the winner, over competition from Bosch, Sky, BT, Google, Amazon, and others.

Selected Feedback

Congratulations!!! This video offers some of the most sensible advice in the Smart Home space in decades. It helps explain why this emerging market has struggled to cross the chasm into mass market adoption as well as why marketers have hyped it as The Next Big Thing for over 60 years with little success. – Wayne Casswell

We got in a top consultancy firm to assess smart home – they spent months on it and the most powerful concept they came up with was Smart Home as a Service. Thomas got there quicker, and it is here for you to see. How do we build it? Surely with the help of our empowered young leaders. – Adam Simon

SH&BA Competition Entry