Top tips on creating a compelling health and wellness proposition for your tech brand

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In our latest Smart Home report, 64% of respondents said that they would purchase a smart home device if it showcased a solid use-case around how it can improve our health and wellness. COVID-19 has unsurprisingly got us all thinking about our health more, and as we’ve been spending more time in the home over the last few months, how healthy our home is. 

The benefit to our industry is that the technology to make these improvements already exists! We simply need to apply them in a way that makes these improvements to our homes and lives, and then educate consumers on how to get the most out of them. Here are a few of our top tips on how to do that:

 Research, Research, Research

It’s well worth spending some time planning out how to develop a useful health benefit for your customers. Go back to your buyer’s personas and make them central to the new case study or proposition. Are any of them currently using your products for these purposes? What do they think? What health challenges or concerns are they currently facing? 

Try running a short survey to ask your customers these key points, and to get a direct quote from them to inform your case studies. We always recommend placing your customer back into any asset you create, so that any new potential customer can see themselves in that work. 

Video Case Studies

Video is the best way to get across a new case study. A well-crafted explainer video will make such a difference in terms of potential customers engagement with what you’re trying to communicate to them. With 73% of people more likely to buy a product if they see an explainer video, it’s a no brainer! 

Find out more on the benefits of Explainer Videos in our three-part series hosted in our Video Gallery

Partner up

Can your product deliver the health benefits a consumer is looking for in conjunction with another product or service, and could this combination open up a real opportunity? Then don’t be afraid to partner up!

By coming together and investing in creating a suite of assets to support your dual benefits you’re opening up more opportunities for both brands, and being more cost-effective on the resources you need than you would be going it alone.  

Really Care, provide more suggestions

Show that improving your customers’ health and wellness is really important to your brand and not just a reaction to an opportunity in the market. Create content around how to improve your health and wellness in general and how your product might fit in. 

For example, we’ve seen research out there that indicates certain coloured lighting can be quite relaxing used in conjunction when doing yoga could provide real health benefits and make quite an improvement in lowering stress. Create case studies and suggestions that combine your product and service alongside these other things. 

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