Why Brands need to include Audio marketing into their strategy

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As we’re about to start recording the second season of the Smart Life Podcast, we wanted to share this article from marketing land:

Why brands should consider audio marketing as consumers settle into life at home

What struck us from this was not only were consumers listening to more radio and podcasts, but they were increasingly doing this from smart home devices. With 30% of the increased audio being consumed on an Alexa or Google Home Hub.

Audio is the perfect way to position yourself as a thought leader helping to educate not only potential customers but also existing ones.

We’re passionate about having a wide range of ways to communicate with your end customers as it puts the choice in their hands on how they want to consume the information and insight you can provide them in a format that fits for them.

Audio deserves it’s place in all our marketing strategies.

We recommend reading the article and if you have time you can check out the first season of the Smart Life below.