Want to respond better to the effects COVID-19 has had on businesses? Think about how to lift up communities.

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We recently saw this article from AD Week talking about the 3 ways small businesses can band together with big businesses to make a difference.  

In it, they talk about Kepler’s Books and Magazines, a small business that has been around since 1955 and is a cultural hub for the neighbourhood. When COVID-19 shut down their local library earlier this year, Kepler’s sprang into action to loan over 500 books to library members at no extra cost.

We look at this as a fantastic way to build brand trust and loyalty. So simple, but also such a positive, meaningful and impactful idea.

A lot of businesses have been worried about how to thrive in the currently challenging environment and we’ve spoken before about how COVID-19 has rapidly accelerated changes that we were expecting to have a few years to implement. But how do we pivot in a way that’s not only good for our business but also make a difference and promote our values better?

Look to communities, find a problem, and fix it.

If you’re a larger business look around how you can partner with local initiatives and provide them with support and information. Spend time on researching and building out relevant case studies of the work you’ve done in this space. Then think about how you can scale this into other communities. 


If you’re a smaller business, reach out to larger ones to support your local initiatives; you have the benefit of local knowledge that can be of help to them. Create and offer up digital live events talking about this new area you’re looking to pivot your business into, or ask customers for their feedback on an idea. In a time where people are looking for a connection, you can build better and stronger relationships with your current and potential customers by giving them digital ways to interact with you.


With over 93% of UK consumers saying how important it is to support Local businesses post COVID it’s never been more relevant to focus on your community support strategy. 


According to our recently released report, 50% of respondents felt that smart home businesses could make a difference to the problems they were now facing due to COVID-19. The good news for our industry is there is lots that can be done out there to make a difference, and we already have the technology that we need. We just need to connect the dots and make a big push to build trust and educate communities on how to get the benefits.


While it is challenging out there economically and it can feel a little scary to try something new and focus purely on helping, we believe that not only will it make a massive difference to your business in the long run, it’s good for the soul too.


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