Virtual Reality in the Business World

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When I hear about virtual reality, often the what comes to mind is playing around with games such as Beat Saber, exploring the vast underwater worlds people create, or simply spiralling down a rollercoaster.

However, most, if not all, of these uses are for us consumers to enjoy in our spare time. But businesses are starting to question how virtual reality could benefit their business?

Recently, Walmart have started supplying virtual reality headsets to all of their stores. Why? Because they believe it helps determine potential skill and decision making abilities. Employees who are attempting to become ‘middle managers’ will undergo a test using a virtual reality headset with different scenarios such as calming angry shoppers, giving a tour of the store, or even assisting a customer to find an item.

How Effective is VR training?

Senior leaders at Walmart vouch for the success of VR in training. Walmart’s Senior Vice President for Associate Experience Drew Holler explained:

“With the VR skills assessment, workers can be tested for their knowledge of store departments, decision-making skills, leadership capacities and soft skills to determine where they may be best fit.”

Furthermore, Walmart have had over 10,000 out of their 1.2 million employees undergo the new virtual reality test.

Who Else is Experimenting?

Walmart aren’t the only ones who are testing the water. Audi have been using VR headsets to allow potential customers to get a realistic full tour of the car. The program allows the customer to fully customise the car by changing details such as the equipment, colour combinations, and material changes. Additionally, the program allows the user to experience everything within three dimensions while giving the user the option to change the environment the car is in.

While the customer is having the visual tour, a member of their sales team will be providing commentary about the different specifications.  Currently, they have around 400 of the digital consulting suites around the world. The effectiveness of this is hard to say as often dealerships will have the physical car available for a customer to tour.

How can I get involved?

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