Top Tips if you're looking to refresh your Website

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Thinking about reviewing your website? Looking to spruce it up?

Here at Beacon we have you covered. We’re sharing with you not only some of our top tips on where to start but also a free downloadable questionnaire you can use to conduct your website review. We’re confident it will help make sure any new website projects get off to the right start!

More than ever now is the time to ensure our websites are tiptop as they’re usually the first point of call for any potential or returning customer. We need to make sure that they are working hard, helping convert leads, supporting customers, and streamlining processes. 

It’s never been a better time to review your website and see where you could make some quick wins before embarking on a website refresh project. Here are some top tips for you:


  • Review your current website and identify all the things that you wish were different about it. There will immediately be a few things that spring to mind, such as wishing it looked more ‘modern’, but try to dig a little deeper. For example, do you wish the content was easier to update? If the answer is yes, then you know your next website needs to be built on a system that’ll improve the way you manage website content. Do you wish you had more website inquiries? Your next website should have a call to action on the bottom of every page. You get the idea. Write up a list and set priorities. 


  • Before doing any development work, you’ll want to make sure you have designs in place. It’s important to show those designs off! Get opinions from colleagues and customers. Make sure it’s an improvement and you haven’t removed any useful or popular features from the old website. Also, don’t do one design and settle with it. Make 2 or 3 variations, get some feedback, then continue to develop the favourite. Take a look at some of the website we’ve created for our clients here or check out AWWWards for inspiration. 


  • Website performance can be often overlooked when building a new website. A lot of people assume a new website is automatically going to be ‘faster’, but that simply isn’t true. Yes, using modern technologies certainly helps, but that isn’t enough. Google Lighthouse is a free tool that analyses your website and gives you scores based on categories such as Performance, SEO, Accessibility, etc. You want to make sure these scores are as high as possible. Talking about SEO, did you know the speed of your website on mobile impacts your rank in Google results? 


  • Utilise free hosting! If you’re not expecting 1000s of views per month your website will very likely be eligible for free tier hosting. You’ll still need it to be built using modern technologies, but as long as you know what you’re doing you can leverage this easily. Some examples of where you can host for free include GitHub Pages, Netlify, Zeit and Google Cloud Platform.


  • Testing is very important. Make sure your website is compatible with old browsers, new browsers, tablets, IOS, Android, different screen resolutions, etc. There’ll often be very specific bugs related to this, e.g. the video player works on every kind of browser except Firefox. It is important to test as widely as you can before going live.


We’ve prepared a free website review questionnaire (you can download below)  which has extra tips and tricks and gets you thinking about your website to ensure you get the best out of it. If you’re strapped for time or want to talk through the results get in touch! At Beacon we believe that great work comes through doing things differently, so there’s absolutely no charge for a simple phone consultation. Drop us a line: