Smart Home for Beginners? Educating the consumer in the way they want to be educated

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We recently read an article in a local paper from Wales about How to make a smart home for beginners. That title got us thinking, coupled with a few of the recent profiles we did in conjunction with our soon to be released report, that we’ve noticed a new challenge facing the Smart Tech marketeer: 

Educating the consumer in the way they want to be educated.

A big part of that is around the consumer’s current experience of Smart Home products. 

Now that the smart home market is a few years old a large portion of the population does have at least one smart device, and these consumers will have a range in experience with those devices. We therefore need to not only market smart devices to new consumers but also accommodate for current consumers at these different levels of experience.

We now need to provide education on the smart solutions that we offer: engaging the outright beginner while creating the spark in the knowledgeable advocate. By considering this now and creating content and assets around these levels you make both tech- and non-tech-savvy alike feel like the target market.

We firmly believe that the journey to a happy customer who’s an advocate of your business starts with their first touchpoint of your brand. It’s the ultimate goal for marketing, sales, and support, and is something that can be achieved when all teams are aligned together. 

We also have a responsibility to help educate how our products work with other products that aren’t competitors of our brands. Going past the basic commands and drilling down into the elements that give the consumer the most value. 


Our reasoning behind this? A consumer may be adding your device into their current system, they may be buying it in conjunction with a speaker or other control hub. They may want to buy a hub in the future and would want to understand how your device might work with them. By taking a little effort to educate them you position yourself as a trusted brand, attract customers you might not have previously, and protect your products from disappointment caused by integration with other devices. 

So how do we get more leads and turn these into happy customers? By creating buyers personas, semi-fictional overviews of our potential customers, we can properly create content that they want to see and ultimately will be of value to them. By creating personas split by their smart home experience, we can accurately gauge the level of information we need to provide, how we can provide it, and in which channels they need that content to feature. 

Over the next few months we’re going to be talking about how to write the best buyers personas, making sure to keep them updated and fresh, and how to apply these to supercharge your smart tech marketing strategy. It’s no longer enough to sell to customers, we need to educate and delight them. By putting them first and foremost we can generate the best results.