Smart Home as a Solution: the key to attracting more customers

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What is an actual smart home, and what does that mean to the end consumer? The actual possibilities are endless and it’s those possibilities that pose such a challenge to our industry.

A smart home is not about the devices we bring into our home but rather what all the devices can do together to solve a problem we have, to make our lives better or easier, or to improve how we interact with the world around us. To prevent consumers from seeing the many features that smart devices can deliver as simple gadgetry we need to think of our product range as more than technology in a box.

It is a solution for the home.

How do you create solutions and how do you educate the consumer on the value that the solution can bring to their lives.

Case Studies

Creating well researched, well thought out, and if possible real-life examples of practical use cases, enables you to position your devices in the solution space. Look to current or newly released regulations, news, or information, and craft a response where your products might help consumers tackle that issue. While it’s tempting to think of a million and one possible case studies for your devices (there is so much they can deliver) we suggest keeping your customers in mind, looking at your buyer personas, and creating case studies that apply to them first. Starting in one area and positioning yourself as “The” brand to solve that problem is a much better investment of your marketing budget than to try and be all things to everyone.

Tailored Education

Create interactive learning experiences, explainer videos, and fact sheets around the above case studies. For example say your solution enables users to become energy efficient and show potential customers how they can achieve this not only with your device but in other ways. Include how the devices will interact with other things in the home and how potential customers can use these interactions to their benefit.

Blogs, Articles, and Reports

Once you have your buyer personas set, a solution that works for them and brings them true value, and case studies to back that up, you then need to provide them with information around that subject matter and not just about how your product can help. One of the biggest things we need to do when convincing potential customers to pick our brand is to build trust. The best way to do this is to feed their interest in a particular subject matter and provide them with additional value before they have even become a customer. It also a great way to showcase your expertise and give them confidence that you will be maintaining your offering to be best in class in that field.

Interactive Experiences

Creating interactive experiences, particularly in a post COVID-19 world, could be the key to connecting with your potential customers in a new way. Providing digital experiences customers can utilise at home can be a great way of showcasing how your product solution could work in situ. Employing AR is both an efficient and exciting way of letting customers try before they buy digitally, and we have seen that the use of AR by businesses has accelerated since the lockdown.

You can also provide ‘gamified’ digital interactions which are particularly effective at building engagement with your brand. This can be anything from app/browser-based games to competitions asking the user to post their results on social media. The sky’s the limit in terms of the mechanics you can use, what’s important is building an interesting, fun, and if possible a useful interactive experience with your customer.

By focusing on a few important problems for your customers, providing them with the resources to find your product as a way that solves that larger problem, and then bringing that to life in an interactive way that builds their trust, you can create a compelling solution that they can buy into. As an added bonus this encourages that customer to make repeat purchases from you: you’re no longer just a device in a box, you’re their gateway to an improved life.