Making More of the Box

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So often, we as marketeers harp on about the importance of thinking outside the box, be it for your marketing strategy, content, or campaign planning. And that’s great! Original ideas are what help your marketing stand out above your competitors.

But, here at Beacon, we’ve been thinking.

The problem with thinking outside the box, is that you risk losing sight of the resources you already have to work with.

What about the box itself?

And it’s that question that helps guide us in our work with clients: how can we build upon what you already have? Because, to the right mind, and with a little imagination, the box can be anything.

When we look back at some of our favourite marketing campaigns and content, those that have a real emphasis on reimagination, rather than reinvention, seem to resonate the best:

John Lewis Christmas Campaigns

One of the best example of continuity and reimagination is the John Lewis Christmas advert series. Year on year, it’s one of the most anticipated campaigns, with many elements remaining the same from year to year: soft, piano-led cover, a tear-jerking storyline, and a focus on generosity and love. Could you predict each year the sort of campaign it’s going to be? Yes of course. But amongst that continuity, a new modern Christmas tradition has been born!

Nike’s Inspiration Campaigns

For 25+ years now, Nike has focussed their video advertising in particular to be around inspiration. Inspiring the audience to ‘Just Do It’, and using inspirational stories from athletes to promote the idea that, with Nike, anything is achievable. There are lists, articles, features, and documentaries that have followed these video campaigns, with one clear message: you don’t need to advertise the product itself. Sometimes, advertising the lifestyle that goes along with your brand is more than enough.

Guinness – Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Guinness is a league above competitors when it comes to marketing, with video and print campaigns that are strikingly bold, modern, and authentic. Back in the 1990s, the Surfers ad, as well as the Evolution ad have become almost legendary, and whilst riffing on the same central concept, each ad is a reimagination and interpretation of that core message. And they’ve created some of the best, most memorable campaigns in recent years by doing it.


One of the key components to successful marketing is continuity. If your brand feels the need to constantly create without recycling, there’s the risk that it comes across as a little wasteful. Of course, people come to expect certain things from your company, and the power of surprise is far stronger when you do it with something that feels familiar, but somehow different, rather than something altogether new. So much of the service economy in particular is built upon trust. Your marketing needs to excite and resonate to gain new customers, but also reassure your existing customers.

When you can strike that balance – that’s great marketing. That’s making more of the box.

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Thats why it’s so important to work with an agency who sit alongside your team as an extension of your business. Finding the right agency is a big task. You need to find the team that will not only work to the brief, but also understand your company’s guidelines, principles, and ethos.

Beacon believe that the best relationships are built on trust – we aim to be your partner, not just another contractor. To find out more about working together, drop us an email, or get in contact with us here!