Linkedin Stories: Should I get Involved?

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In its latest update, LinkedIn has followed the likes of Instagram and Snapchat to add a Stories feature to their app. Similar to its predecessors, LinkedIn Stories allows you to craft your own visual content that can be shared for just 24 hours. In his blog on the announcement, Kiran Prasad, VP of Product at LinkedIn, said “we see this as a great option for you to use to express professional moments with your LinkedIn network without worrying that the content is permanently attached to your profile”. 

3 examples of LinkedIn Stories

As with every shiny new release, there’s a lot for brands to consider before they embrace LinkedIn Stories as part of their Social Media strategy. Is it going to create more noise to try and cut through? Will it create more work with less reward for your team? Is it even a good idea? 

We take a deeper look into the format to help you decide whether it’s worth investing in. 

Just Another Output?

When new functionalities or platforms are announced, you’ll need to evaluate whether it would work for your and your business. If, like us at Beacon, LinkedIn is one of the main social media platforms for your audience, then Stories will be a very exciting addition. Video stories in particular – known to perform well across the board – will allow you to create professional, insightful and, ultimately, more personal glimpses into your work day. Considering how separate we all are, this is a great way to connect with your audience

In order to make LinkedIn Stories a sustainable part of your marketing plan, we suggest that you divert time and budget from a less lucrative channel or function so that you can give it dedicated resource. Unless you have the capacity to do so, you won’t want to simply add it as a new line to your marketing plan; as this is likely to overwhelm your team with yet another channel to provide content for.  

Cutting through the Noise

If LinkedIn is the right channel for your audience, you won’t be cutting through the noise to reach them through Stories. Instead, it provides them with a new way to engage with you and learn more about you. 

We’ve said it before: your audience wants different types of content at different times, so there will be times when they’ll be more receptive to your message in this format. It’s only adding strings to your social media bow. Also, it’s a new feature; so hitting the ground running (and early) allows you to quickly establish yourself in the space and build up a reputation for providing great Stories content. 

However, if your audiences aren’t on LinkedIn or aren’t engaging with your brand here, you’re going to have more of an uphill battle. It’s harder to bring users on to a new platform and introduce them to a new format than it is to add a new format to a channel where they’re already native. We say, if it’s something that you enjoy: go for it, but don’t let it take up too much of your time and brainpower. 

Is it even a good idea? 

Stories are a popular feature on channels like Instagram sure, but will that translate as well on the more professional of the social networks? 

Absolutely yes.

The last few years of LinkedIn have shown the importance of authenticity when creating content for the channel; and that also means that you can inject a little bit of humour and fun when you want to. Stories only last for 24 hours, which means that you can experiment that little bit more; whether in terms of the types of things you share or the style in which you do it. It also gives businesses the chance to pull back the curtain on their outward brand to showcase more of the phenomenal people that keep them running – which is always a good thing in our book!

Should you get involved with LinkedIn Stories?

LinkedIn Stories offer a fantastic opportunity to engage with your audience in a way that might be less expected; given the nature of the channel. If LinkedIn already forms a significant part of your overall marketing strategy and buyer personas, then it’s certainly worth testing out in these early days to add an extra string to your bow!

Exploration is never a bad thing, so even if LinkedIn doesn’t play a huge role for you right now, it’s certainly worth trying it on for size and researching for yourself. You may even find that it offers a better place for all your behind the scenes and video content than your Instagram page!