Innovation vs. Gimmickry

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In a brilliant new ad, Lenovo tackle the accusation that’s all too often made at the smart home market: it’s all just a bit gimmicky.

Finally, we are beginning to see the shift from ‘look what it can do’ to ‘this is how it can help’. As we look at how the industry is going to cross the chasm to mass adoption, the ability to see how smart technology is going to help our lifestyle is key to driving adoption.

It also helps the market to begin to move the discussion, ironically, away from the concept of ‘smart’. For as long as the market continues to describe this technology as ‘smart’, it continues to distance it from the new standard in home technology. Back throughout the 20th century, any new homewares that were launched may well have been initially marketed as ‘the future’, but alongside change, comes skepticism.

When we look at marketing domestic technology, marketers have a remarkable secret weapon: the pride of the consumer. Not wanting to be left behind, and always wanting to have the latest and greatest has been a prevailing attitude in western culture for decade. Even as society moves away from the disposability culture towards a more sustainable and renewable economy, delivering products that help in that quest ticks a lot of the boxes for consumers.

So when it comes to how we approach our marketing going forwards, what would Beacon’s advice be?

Drop the word ‘smart’.

Just as mobile phones dropped the ‘smart’ from ‘smartphone’ and just became phones, so too must the ‘smart home’ become ‘the home’.

Selling products with smart features may still be in relative infancy, but if the industry can convince the market that these features are tried, tested, and trusted, it stands a far greater chance in convincing consumers to buy into the new features.

And as the industry has been working away on this innovation for 30 odd years, it’s certainly a claim that it’s entitled to make. So long as it makes that claim well.

Making the claim about how great your product is will only win over the consumers interested in the latest and greatest, the gimmicks, and the gadgets. But if you tailor your marketing to show how it helps the working mum, the elderly couple, the kids, the professionals, that is a powerful message indeed.

How can Beacon help?

Beacon was founded back in 2018 as the UK’s first marketing agency speicalising in the smart home marketing, and working with our clients around the world, we’re passionate about shifting the narrative from ‘the home of the future’ to ‘the new normal’. Working flexibly with our clients to deliver a full range of marketing, we believe we’re an extension of your team, not an outsider.

Listen to our Creative Director on the importance of lifestyle in tech marketing at a recent event hosted by Goodpatch in Berlin, and if it sounds interesting, why not get in contact and tell us about your project?