How to Educate on Security for Smart Homes in a positive way

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Security is a hurdle a lot of smart technology brands need to get over when convincing potential customers to purchase smart home products. Technology has advanced so rapidly in the last few years and in years to come we can expect to take the same rapid trajectory. However many homes are lagging way behind on the education they need to have a safe, happy, and secure, smarter home. In fact, the likelihood is that a lot of homes of the future will need to operate their network like a small business, particularly if a lot of us are going to be working from home more.

But who’s job is it to educate the consumer on how to be more secure, and isn’t talking about security with a consumer opening a can of worms? Certainly, it is a topic that needs to be handled with care but taking responsibility for educating potential consumers on the best ways to secure their homes may give your brand the added trust factor over another if you do it in a positive and informative way. 

Most of the recent high profile hacks in our industry were down to consumers having poor passwords on their routers. However, the presiding impression for consumers is that Smart Home isn’t safe. By taking control of that messaging we believe you can gain trust with consumers and improve their overall experience with Smart Home. 

How do we do this positively? Well there are a few options

Free Access to Learning Portals- Before Purchase

Create interactive learning modules and place them on your websites. Keep them short but talk customers through the common tips and tricks that can ensure they have a more secure home, regardless of if they buy your product or not. You can use videos, small quizzes, or downloadable cheat sheets. By making it fun, engaging, and in particular free before purchase, you’re just providing value to consumers who are worried about security and maybe looking for information around your product to allay their fears.

You could also offer this content to retail partners to display in stores as an interactive experience for customers.

Make it part of your App

Add security suggestions as part of the install process and host it in your app. Just make it another part of the installation process that ensures customers are informed and take the right steps from the start.

Create educational content around it

By making it a regular part of your updates or online content and talking about home data security in a wider context you provide more value to the consumer. Making it less about how they can make smart products secure and more about making their home secure.

Partner with security products to offer customer freebies

From firewall and antivirus to secure password managers, you can point your customers in the direction of tag-on products that could improve their experience with your products, protect your brand from negative reviews, and become a trusted business in the smart home space. A lot of these products will at the very minimum offer a level of protection but more importantly encourage the user to follow better security etiquette. By offering it as free trials or versions of security products you’re offering them extra value in addition to the product or service you provide. 

Security can seem like a scary topic to broach with consumers and yes we would recommend that it’s approached in a thorough and well-researched way. However, by looking at how we can apply value to a customer by offering tools to help them be more secure, we’re taking responsibility and bringing the customer along with us on the innovation ride. 

We’d love to hear what you think about Smart security, you can get in touch with us on chat or email us.