How to adapt your Content marketing in times of Crisis

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With everything feeling a bit uncertain at the moment many marketeers are asking what should we put out into a world going through a substantial crisis? How do we adapt to make our business better but still remain sensitive to what’s going on around us? How can we get more value out of our budgets?

We’re all wondering how we can ensure we’re being empathetic without coming across as phony. We all want to offer better value to our customers without being opportunistic. With a lot of noise going on out there, how do we make it easier and less confusing rather than adding to the noise? 

Our first port of call should be: How can we help? because right now our wider audience is looking for help and we have the services and products to help them navigate this new normal better.

This is illustrated by recent research. According to HubSpot, engagement with marketing emails, website traffic, and live chat sessions have all been on the rise, with email open rates an eye-catching 25% higher than pre-pandemic levels.

So with an audience searching for help, we need to listen and adapt our marketing to provide them what they need.

Pause and listen before Planning

Spend a little time in reevaluating your buyer personas try to understand your customer’s new pain points, a new journey, and their view of this new future. Review the plans you have and go back to the drawing board on things that might not be practical or helpful now. It’s a frustrating prospect but spending a small about of time updating and challenging your pre-crisis plans is very worthwhile. 

Pencil in time to review as things will change rapidly making sure plans are consistently reviewed and challenged will allow you to adapt fast and adapt early. 

Build Trust 

Now it is time to cultivate trust with your customers and potential customers. Actively be there with them and invest in their loyalty to your business. 

The pandemic has triggered a striking surge in the very thing that many marketers care about most: audience attention. However, this places a huge responsibility on marketers to deliver materials that are not only relevant to the current moment but genuinely impactful and helpful too. 

Those seen to be taking advantage of the situation could damage their trust forever. According to Edelman,

“71 percent of consumers agree that if they perceive that a brand is putting profit over people, they will lose trust in that brand forever.”

 Now more than ever it’s more important for businesses to build trust and be more open with their audiences. Again coming back to “how can I help” and being thoughtful with your content is what matters. Look at the problems your customers are now facing and provide them with a wide range of information to help them tackle that situation.

Educate the consumer

Create content that Educates

A lot of our potential customers want to feel better prepared in a crisis or up to date on whats going on. That’s why it is very worthwhile focusing on how you can educate and guide customers to improve or fix their new problems. 

Don’t be tempted to focus solely on how your product or service fixes their problem but rather provide insightful information on the companion elements around what you can provide.

For example, you’re a smart lighting brand and you know a lot of consumers are concerned about the health and wellbeing at the moment. Look to provide research around how lighting states can improve not only sleep but also anxiety and exercise at home effectively. Provide information not only on how your product can help but other companion elements. Like creating an ambient environment to inducive to sleep, meditation apps, fewer screens, avoiding eating late, etc as well as talking about setting the lighting in a way that makes you sleepy. 

You need to make your content a one-stop-shop for consumers to get information in this area so that you are truly useful to them.  

Choose Channels Carefully 

With increased attention comes increased content and we don’t want to bombard our audience when they’re already receiving a lot of information from elsewhere. it all comes back to being impactful. In fact, when we launched our newsletter we made a conscious decision to make it fortnightly it ensures that the content is relevant and useful and it never becomes too much. Better quality and consistency is better than scatter gunning as much as you can across multiple channels. Be selective, go back to your research and look at where your buyers are going to be looking for help and make sure you’re in the right place providing thoughtful content. 

If you have any questions on your content marketing plan or want to chat about adapting your strategy to the current climate please get in touch. We’re always here to give advice and help where we can, you can reach us on our chat or email us direct.