How a shift in your marketing mindset could supercharge your strategy

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It’s a very subtle shift in mindset but it can make a massive change to the success of your marketing strategy. Stop focusing on selling your product or service, and instead focus on how to help your potential customer to buy. 

Now this doesn’t mean ignoring your results or not having targets to achieve. Linked up KPIs is important, particularly when aligned with other teams within your business, and for a help-to-buy strategy data is key to its success. You need to constantly reevaluate what you know about your key customers. 

It comes down to the modern buyer. A lot of the time when they’re in the awareness and consideration stage of the buyer’s journey they’re a lot more unknown to us than before. With so much information out there, they are much more used to doing their research themselves before even getting in contact with a brand. 

There is also an education issue when it comes to smart home devices; a lot of consumers who identify that they have a particular problem or goal don’t necessarily connect that with a smart device being the best solution. 

By shifting our focus to helping these potential customers buy, we’re better placed to providing them with everything they need. Not only does it help them get the best solution but also gives them all the materials to get buy-in from family members or other stakeholders. 

Make the Buying Experience More Enjoyable

Being actively sold to is not something we associate with enjoyment, however buying a product is. Focusing on how you can make it more enjoyable for someone to buy your product or service means you’re making them happy and providing value, from the first touch of your brand to hopefully when they become a loyal repeating customer of yours.

It’s also important to think about providing the right solution, at the right time, to the right person. By working out your buyer personas and their journey to being your best customers you’re ensuring that you’re working together in the right way. By not pushing your solutions without knowing it’s right for the customer, you’re ensuring success post-sale and are more likely to have a positive advocate of your brand that is interested in repeated custom.

We always approach everything with a “how can we help” philosophy and are keen to add value to whatever we do way before someone becomes a client of ours. If you’d like to talk through more about pivoting to a buyer’s mindset or are interested in further information, tips, or free tools to support your new journey please get in touch.