Beacon @ CES: Power Media Performance in an Age of Privacy

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The death of the cookie has made life increasingly difficult for advertisers: something the team at DoubleVerify are acutely aware of. Until very recently, many advertisers were powering their campaigns with third-party audiences that could be used to build digital profiles that would fuel their ad targeting. However, with changing consumer opinions regarding privacy and new government regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, we have been forced to find new solutions to ground our campaigns. 

DoubleVerify highlight the importance of building a foundation of quality; four metrics that must be considered holistically.

  • Fraud: Was your ad placed where it could be seen by real people? Could it have been seen fraudulently?
  • Viewability: How viewable was the ad? Did you have a substantial audience available?
  • Brand Safety: Did your ads appear on any sites that would go against your brand, or that would be harmful for your brand?
  • In Geo: Was it served in the right geographic location?

The current solutions to build a foundation of quality fall into two main camps: either they are highly accurate, but not very privacy friendly; or they’re privacy safe but are not actionable in real time. So what solutions remain? 

Two main camps were discussed here. The first was the resurgence of Contextual Targeting, but not as our forefathers knew it. Now driven by semantic sciences and other contextual clues, we can find highly relevant places to serve our ads. Research confirms that users are more likely to engage with ads if they are placed alongside relevant content. 

Secondly, we can take viewability further as a metric to instead focus on Authentic Attention. By factoring both engagement and exposure, we can present a privacy-safe way of understanding how viewable our ads are. Those with a high exposure were placed more broadly, while those with high engagement featured a more compelling creative, message, or story. This makes Authentic Attention a much deeper metric than viewability, which can survive in a post-cookie era.


With privacy continuing to rank as one of the hottest topics in marketing, DoubleVerify present a superb alternative to some of our more traditional metrics and practises in a way which benefits both consumer and advertiser.