Beacon @ CES: CTA’s Vision for the Tech Industry

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In a suitably inspiring session, the CTA’s Vision for the Tech Industry set out a bold statement for the year to come. “Our only constant is change” wasn’t just a powerful opening remark, but an excellent summary of an industry that is set to solve more problems in the next 2 decades than it has in the last 2 centuries. 

In fact, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella notes that 2020 more than any other year has highlighted that every business is now digital. Consider all the retailers who now have an app for curbside pick up, or the AI triages that are now run in hospitals (a case study that will come up again and again throughout this conference), and the much greater embracing of technology in general over the last 12 months.

While world leaders across the globe are committed to innovation, CTA President and CEO Gary Shapiro reminded us that innovation has no boundaries or affiliations; and when executed properly it can bring everyone up. AI in particular is the driving force behind many of the world’s most difficult challenges, such as world hunger, the climate crisis and ocean clean ups. In short, AI can make the imagined the new possible. 

Finishing strong, Shapiro affirms that tech is our tool – let’s use it to get safer, smarter, happier and healthier. Together, we can live the “theme” of this year’s conference: Act. Innovate. Unite. After the last 12 months, that have proved difficult for many of us, this session was a powerful and optimistic way to re-motivate the industry for a new day.