8 Things to Do for Yourself & Your Business During Lockdown

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So.. coronavirus lockdown. We hope you’re all staying safe and well – and for those of you stuck at home, we’ve asked around the team and compiled a list of things you can do at home to help your business and keep yourself busy for the next few weeks. If you have any suggestions to add to the list, we’d love to hear them!

1. Start learning a new language

Our CD recently wrote about his journey (so far!) learning a new language, and the impact the process has had not just on my his life, but also his approach to working with clients. There’s the old adage that it takes three weeks to form a habit, so we’d definitely recommend taking the time to do a couple of lessons using Duolingo, for example, every day to get started. Thomas says:

“I’m also continuing to have French lessons with my tutor, just over Facetime! It means I can continue to have conversations and keep my practice up, all at a safe distance, and ensure my French tutor doesn’t have too much of an impact on her cashflow.”

2. Finally get round to reviewing your website

Now is the perfect time to start doing those jobs that you’ve saved for a rainy day, and reviewing your website should be near the top of the list. It’s one of those projects that can be done totally remotely and will have a great impact when life has returned to normal. We appreciate that a lot of small businesses in particular are in a bit of a strange place right now, taking stock of their options and thinking about the future. For those of us determined to crack on and do our best, a new website might just be the project you’re looking for.

3. Volunteer… if you can

If you’re based in the UK and have some spare time, you can join the 400,000+ strong volunteer force to help deliver medicines, reach out to vulnerable members of the community, or even help with patient transfers. Take a look here for more information, but also keep an eye out for local volunteering opportunities. Between foodbanks, pharmacies, even local dog shelters, plenty of places are looking for volunteers to keep delivering vital services in these tricky times, it’s a great way of making the most of the time you’re allowed out the house to make a difference to the community.

4. Prepare Content for the Future

This is also a great opportunity of getting ahead of the curve with things like blog posts, social campaigns, and videos. The landscape may be changing, but your business is still doing the same great work, and preparing a bunch of great content in advance means that you can release it periodically over the next few months, ensuring you stay engaged with your audience, even in the quieter months. As for Beacon, we’re looking at hosting a ‘blogathon’, working with guest writers and in-house to create a whole host of content and material ready for release throughout 2020!

5. Finish Craft Projects

Chatting on a video call earlier, a few of our team mentioned this is something they were particularly guilty of: houses littered with half-finished craft projects! Now they can’t leave the house to do their usual hobbies, they’re determined to finish everything they started once upon a time! It’s also a great time to take up new hobbies (so long as you aren’t using them to procrastinate from your existing hobbies), and also providing they’re inside your house! Our MD Jess has been following along with free online yoga classes, or maybe try doing a ‘one a day’ project, it’s especially fun if it’s something you can share with your friends & social media. For example, Thomas has been learning a piece of music a day, filming it, and sharing it with social media, and also taking requests for what to learn next!

6. Overhaul your Sales Deck / Branding

Just like your website, now is a great time to review your other customer-facing material, whether that’s just your sales deck / investor pack, or your entire branding suite. Similar to your website, your whole brand can be re-designed remotely, using video calling to have workshops with your team and the presentation of concepts, all through to final sign-off; this unusual period of ‘down-time’ is a brilliant chance to revitalise your brand and material without the awkward transition phase where you’re trying to do update everything customer-facing while still facing customers.

7. Oscar Winners

One of our team and his partner have set themselves a challenge: to watch every ‘Best Picture’ Oscars winner in order between now and the 2021 Oscar’s Ceremony. It’s quite an ambitious plan, there are a lot of films on that list, but as neither of them say they’re film buffs, the thought is that it would be a nice time way to pass some of the evenings they’re stuck in the house together, without arguing about what we’re going to watch on Netflix / Prime / Disney+! We even chatted this morning on our call about blogging about their thoughts on each film.

8. Work with Us

Whether you’re looking to redesign your website, rebrand, or just want some help with good copywriting, Beacon are still here to help. Our team is designed to scale up and down alongside your business needs, and whilst we may not be able to come to your offices at the moment, we’re only ever a phone call away! Drop us a message if you have a project you’re looking to start (or pick up where you left off) and we’ll be in touch!


Wash your hands and stay inside. That’s the best thing you can do right now!