5 Reasons We Love HubSpot (and you should too!)

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HubSpot improved our business so much. It helped us align our strategies, manage our contacts, and ultimately improve how we could help our clients and potential clients. 


Considering HubSpot at the beginning, we had a lot of the same reservations that small businesses have when considering implementing a new tool like this:


  1. We’re too small for a CRM system;
  2. It’ll take us too long to learn how to use it effectively;
  3. We’re not sure of the cost to benefit ratio;
  4. It’s just another tool in the background we might not really use;
  5. We’re too busy to make the most of it


We wish we could go back and speak to ourselves about those objections. We’d tell ourselves the following:


We’re too small for a CRM System


Firstly, you are never too small for a CRM system.


Secondly, HubSpot isn’t just a CRM system. By implementing HubSpot from early on in our journey, we’ve been able to capture valuable information to make us better able to service our clients and future contacts.


We can better see the impact of our work through effective reporting, and grow / scale our plans accordingly. Investing the time to put a CRM in place now saves so much more time and money when compared to implementing it further down the line. 


It’ll take us too long to learn how to use it effectively

One of the great things about HubSpot is it’s an amazing academy, with tutorials on just about everything.


They’re easy to follow and enable you to get to grips with the tool fairly quickly and easily. 


The team at Beacon are also on hand to give you free advice on getting started! You can book a HubSpot Q&A here.


We’re not sure of the cost to benefit ratio

You can start using the core features of HubSpot for free.


Yep. Free. 


It allows you to get a feel for it before committing to a monthly fee. You may find that you only ever need to use the free tools, but if you want to take advantage of more features, they offer different packages depending on your company’s size and needs. You can find out more here.


It’s just another tool in the background we might not really use

For our team, the experience has been quite the opposite! HubSpot allowed us to streamline the tools we use, including the following:

  • Migrated our email marketing away from Mailchimp to HubSpot’s email client;
  • Visibility of all our social media campaign analytics from HubSpot;
  • Monitoring our website traffic and analytics within HubSpot; and
  • Keeping all our marketing assets stored in HubSpot – they’re on hand for our team when emailing prospects.


The list could go on and on, and thanks to the customisable dashboards, we can see all this information in one place when we log in, saving a lot of time logging in and navigating four or five different platforms.


We’ve also been able to do additional things we couldn’t do before, such as add chat functionality to our website, create landing pages quickly and easily, introduce sign up forms, as well as a host of other features that strengthen our marketing.


We’re too busy

It’s hard sometimes to find the time to consider implementing new tools into a business, and yes, like any tool, the more time you invest in using it, the more you’ll get out of it.


But we think that it’s totally worth it in the long run for the things that you gain. You also find it streamlines a lot of what you are trying to do, giving you back the time that you can spend on other tasks. 


An example of this is how we utilised HubSpot integration with our email client. Now, all our emails to potential new, or existing clients, are captured automatically within HubSpot without any extra work, saving us time having to email each other, or have meetings to catch up on information. We can easily view the contact record and have controlled access to all the necessary information, which frees up a lot of the team.


Ultimately not only has HubSpot been good for our business, it’s been good for our customers too. The most important thing to us, and to any business, is that we’re really doing what’s best for our customers, providing them true value and the best experience.


We’re able to do that because the tool allows us to truly align our Marketing, Service Support, and Sales efforts, enabling us constantly to improve and provide an excellent service.


We want to help you start your journey with HubSpot, so get in touch with us if you have any questions through our chat, email or book a Q&A or demo with our team here!